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The problem of radioactive contamination by nuclear accidents, soil contamination and air pollution increasing in China. The development of alternative energy to prevent global warming…
A number of environmental problems surrounding us are in the state of being urgent before us.

Our mission is to produce breakthrough purification technologies in 3 fields, “Air”, “Soil” and “Water” and commercialize them while accelerating the development.

 Produce group companies having breakthrough technologies

Even though we have excellent technologies, it is not easy to commercialize them. We lead 3 companies having outstanding technologies to support the commercialization.

Additionally, we also consider discovering not only technologies in our group companies but also prospective technologies in the world widely to produce the development and commercialization in the future.

Major achievements

The core technologies are divided into two. One is “Supercritical and Subcritical state” and another one is “Gas Hydrate”. We expand these two technologies to develop biomass energy for air, decontaminate heavy metals and remove radioactive contamination for soils and purify contaminated water to produce pure water for water…

The removal of radioactive contamination by the nuclear accident by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station at Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Soil)

We participated in a national project for radioactive contamination removal, and it is evaluated as a technology that the feasibility is the highest.

  • 2011, MAFF “Research project of emergency response for the radioactive materials ・ Verification research of technology to separate and remove the radioactive cesium from the agricultural land”
  • 2011, JAEA “Decontamination Model Project for Evacuation Zone and Planned Evacuation Zone ”
  • 2015, MOE “FY2015 Decontamination and the waste volume reduction project”.

The development of Biodiesel Fuels (BDF)and the utilization promotion (Air)

We develop technologies to produce BDF by raw materials which is low quality and cheap. The commercial plant has already constructed in the U.S.

  • 2007〜2008, “Model Demonstration Project of Local Biofuel Use” of the Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • 2009, “Grant-aided Project for Promotion of the Use of Eco-fuels“ of the Japan Ministry of Environment
  • 2011〜2013, “BDF power generation test” with Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd. (cumulative 4,000 hours without any trouble)
  • 2010〜2011, Test run operation using BDF successfully completed at Coca Cola Shanghai
  • 2011, A commercial supercritical BDF plant in the U.S.… in production in Illinois, 5 million gallon per year

Purification of tritium contaminated water(Water)

Methane hydrate is in the news, but our technology is highly evaluated because it can separate contaminated materials and purified water by gas hydrate intendedly.

  • 2015, A technology verification project for measure to treat contaminated water (Verification tests of tritium separation) by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

For the commercialization to solve environmental problems in China where air pollution and water contamination are serious

And in 2017, we established GTS CHINA Co., Ltd in Shenzhen and was listed on Shenzhen exchange.

We positively provide breakthrough and highly realizable technologies of the moment for the intractable environmental problems of air, soil and water.

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Our group acquires various patents related to above technologies and keep extremely high superiority in regards to both of cost and technology. We have survey materials about the exploding demand in the market. We will provide the detailed documents if you are interested. We wait for your inquiries.

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