Global Clean Technology Inc.

Corporate Information

We are in the era that venture companies produce advanced technologies and businesses.
We, Global Clean Technology, specializes in leading technologies of environment and energy, and develops strategic intellectual properties.

Our Message

For more than 20 years, as R&D venture companies, our group have promoted various technological developments and commercialization, such as development of biomass fuels that leads to CO2 reduction, purification technologies of water resources, removal of radioactive contamination recently caused by the Fukushima nuclear accident.
All of these are environmental and energy technologies indispensable to solve the problems of our modern society.
The aim of our group is to develop technologies to solve environmental and energy problems that our society has. We also develop strategic intellectual properties.
As Global Clean Technology Inc., the unique commercialization of the technologies developed by our group is our mission.
In the near future, in addition to technologies developed by our group, we find out promising technologies domestically and internationally, and we support their commercialization. We hope that you approve our vision, advise us and support us extensively.

Global Clean Technology Inc.
CEO Dr. Shigeto Hyafuji

Corporate Profile

Company Name Global Clean Technology Inc.(Abbrev.:GCT)
Location The Imperial Hotel Main Bldg. 6F, 1-1-1, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo100-0011, JAPAN (→Google map
Date of establishment April 9, 2010
Representative CEO Dr. Shigeto Hyafuji
Description of business R&D, acquisition of rights and commercialization of advanced technologies in environmental and energy fields
・Acquisition, maintenance, operation and finance of group companies' intellectual properties
・Discover and support for commercialization of domestic and international technologies

Group Companies

Greentech Solution Inc.

Greentech Solution Inc. contributes to the prevention of global warming and the realization of recycling-oriented society. For that, they develop the production of biomass energy which has high CO2 reduction effect, high-efficient and low cost and the utilization technology.

Greentech Solution Inc. website

Sō Innovation Inc.

Sō Innovation Inc. contributes to quick recovery of the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake. For that, they develop decontamination of radioactive cesium by Subcritical Hydrothermal Blasting Method and separation technology of tritium contaminated water by Two-stage Gas Hydrate Method.

Chemtech Consultants Co., Ltd.

Chemtech Consultants Co., Ltd. contributes to the solution of water shortage in the world and the reduction of environmental burden. For that, they develop pure water production by Gas Hydrate Method that the range of application is wide and which is low cost and water treatment technology.

Techno Round Table Co., Ltd.

Company History

1992 Started R&D of producing energy from biomass at graduate school of Kyoto university.
Dec. 1996 Started R&D of BDF commercial production, seawater desalination with gas hydrate method & completed a pilot plant.
Dec. 1997 Presented BDF technology at the COP3 in Kyoto.
Sep. 2001 US basic patent for FAME producing method with supercritical method.
Apr. 2003 Established CDM Consulting Co., Ltd.(CDM)
2007~ 2009 BDF plants with our technology were adopted by MAFF and MOE project and constructed successively.
Feb. 2010 Established Greentech Solution Inc. (GTS). BDF business transferred to GTS from CDM.
Apr. 2010 Established WPG Inc.
Mar. 2011 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. An accident at Fukushima Daiichi1 Nuclear Power Plant.
Sep. 2011 Was assigned as trustee for “decontamination technology research” publicly by MAFF.
Dec. 2011 Agreement made with the US company to offer a license of our supercritical BDF patents.
Jan. 2012 Basic patent acquired for desalination of sea-water using gas hydrate method.
Mar. 2012 Established Sō Innovation Inc. Established Aomi Laboratory (in April).
Aug. 2012 Gained favorable assessment for the effectiveness of hydrothermal blasting from JAEA.
Mar. 2013 “Science” introduced our technology as a promising decontamination tech. (March 1st,p1028)
Feb. 2015 Our gas hydrate method was adopted for verification tests of tritium separation by METI.
Mar. 2015 Established Chemtech Consultants Co., Ltd.
May 2015 Super critical BDF plant using our licensing patents was completed and operation started in US.
Jun. 2015 Verification project result of the cesium decontamination/ volume-reduction technology was announced through the government agency official website.
Jul. 2016 Changed trade name of WPG Inc. to Global Clean Technology Inc.
Jan. 2017 Techno Round Table Co., Ltd. (TRT) was set up. (The trade name was changed from Loulan International Co., Ltd.)
Mar. 2017 The subsidiary of Greentech Solution Inc. was listed on Shenzhen exchange. (GTS CHINA Co.,Ltd.)
July 2017 Our subcritical hydrothermal blasting technology and gas hydrate technology were adopted for support project for locations of a manufacturing industry by METI.
July 2017 Our subcritical hydrothermal blasting technology was adopted for promotion project of practical development for area rehabilitation by METI and Fukushima prefecture.