Global Clean Technology Inc.

Our group has involved with technology development
such as air pollution, soil contamination and sea water contamination for environmental preservation surrounding the earth.

Most of all, “Supercritical Method BDF” (already commercialized in the U.S.),
which is fuelization of animal fats and oils, “Subcritical Hydrothermal Blasting Method”,
which is heavy metals separation technology, and sea water desalination and waste water desalination technology by “Gas Hydrate Method” are unprecedented and revolutionary technologies
and the expectations are heightening as the solution for future environmental preservation.

Air Pollution

Air pollution such as PM2.5, etc is especially a serious problem in China. The main cause is heavy use of fossil fuels.

Soil Contamination

Purification of farmland which was contaminated by heavy metals and decontamination of soils which were contaminated with radioactive materials are national level urgent issues.

Sewage and waste water

Water contamination of river and sea associated with economic development of developing countries is serious. In addition, water shortage in arid regions including Middle East is a big cost burden.

As a measure for problems in air, soils and water, by applying our technologies, you can recover a clean environment and lead a vibrant and sustainable life.

We develop and commercialize advanced technologies in the environmental and energy field.

Although it is difficult, there are technologies that the realization is hoped.
The mission of Global Clean Technology Inc. (abbrev., GCT) is to support the development and commercialization of those advanced technologies.
We already realize the management of extremely prospective technologies in environmental and energy fields.

Supercritical BDF Technology

The suppression of fossil fuels is needed to suppress air pollution such as PM2.5, and the use of bio fuel is effective.

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Subcritical Hydrothermal Blasting Technology

By high reactivity of subcritical water and destruction effect of crystal by blasting, this technology realizes high purification performance.

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Gas Hydrate Technology

By Gas Hydrate Technology to incorporate only water in crystal, impurities in raw water is removed at a low cost.

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